Fine Art Donor Recognition

Donor Recognition Art reinforces your organization’s mission through thoughtful design and symbolic imagery. Whatever type of recognition you are looking for whether it is a donor wall, memorial wall, planned giving recognition, donor plaques or unique recognition gifts, artist Nina Borgia-Aberle will provide an exceptional fine art custom solution. Nina can develop donor recognition ideas for your organization that match YOUR unique donors. A custom donor wall will inspire, engage and honor your donors. Your design is an important communication tool. Your donors want to be seen as individuals. They want you to personally acknowledge them for who they are and what they contribute. Nina provides a reasonable, creative, unique way for you to customize your recognition gifts. Instead of fitting donors into a one size fits all system you can begin choosing distinctive, imaginative tools that fit your donors.

Donor wall

A well-planned donor recognition program with an inspired custom design serves multiple goals. Fine art recognition can help your donors and visitors make a personal connection with your organization and its mission. A meaningful donor wall design is a powerful marketing tool to engage new donors and inspire giving. Nina’s graphic designs can be used to create an engaging brochure, postcard or website image. Nina can create a comprehensive recognition program that will help you meet and exceed your fundraising goals. Whether you are looking for a permanent recognition wall, a changeable wall system, recognition gifts, or custom art room naming plaques, Donor Recognition Art can provide you with a fine art solution that “Says Thank You With ART!”

Work with artist Nina Borgia-Aberle to create Donor Recognition ART!

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